The Team

We believe life is meant to be experienced moment by moment, and staying grounded is how we stay centered and connected to our environment. Statusbrew is where we're able to experience life and work with clarity, control, energy and peace.

The Team

Values and Culture


Integrity is often considered as doing the right thing even when no one else is around. Rather, we believe, it is the ability to act with honesty, following through with our word and maintaining consistency in delivery.

Choose positivity

Could everyone be happy every day? Well, not every day and that’s Okay! We approach every situation with the most positive outlook and intentions, assuming the best of every person we come into contact with. And it turns out, when we do that, optimism leads to accomplishments.


Whether it’s towards the underprivileged, environment or affection towards animals, we take it as our utmost responsibility to contribute homogeneously and regularly.

Make time to reflect

At least once, and more often several times a day, we try to reflect on our day, on our life, on what we’ve been doing right, and what isn’t working. It helps us learn from our mistakes, it gives us great ideas, it gives us perspective, it makes us happier and it helps us help others.

The sense of Self

The moment we join Statusbrew’s global team - we own it. It becomes our company. Whatever we do, we do it for ourselves, for the team and for everyone who believes in us. The sooner we absorb this value, the sooner we’ll find our efficiency scaling.

Our Journey & Vision

Ignited by the curiosity to track ‘Unfollowers’, what began in the Summer of 2011 quickly grew, democratizing technology for small and medium businesses, creating an innovative product that empowers our customers to grow. With more than 16 million (Awesome) people and brands using Statusbrew around the world, our features and integrations drive traffic, increase client engagement and save time on social media.