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Simplified & Collaborative Asset Management Tool For Teams

All Your Assets in a Centralized Location

Consistent Branding

Maintain your brand's visual identity in all the content posted online.

Easily Create Post

Quickly choose the stored content and schedule it just on a click of a button.

Support Multiple Formats

Store your brand assets in the form of images, videos or text.

Labelling & Filtering

Labelling & Filtering

Easily manage assets for your next marketing campaingn by assigning labels and quickly find a related asset when it's most needed.

Collaborative Workflows

Leave notes for each asset to describe how and when it could be used. Notes may also be used by teams to provide feedback for the content.

Collaborative Workflows
Brand Approved Content

Brand Approved Content

Give an extra layer of consistency by giving custom access to your team, so that they maintain quality of your assets.

Organize Digital Assets with Statusbrew

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